Women Battle With High Heels

Women are fashion conscious and like to wear the latest that is in vogue. Also they like to look sophisticated and trendy and would go to any lengths to attain that. Even in the case of footwear, they often face the discomfort of high heel shoes inorder to look elegant. Some would like to look tall in case they are short.

Discomfort may be overlooked as fashion conscious women prefer to wear shoes that match with their attire and are socially acceptable to their peer group. They are more keen to satisfy the likes and dislikes of their peer group, rather than keep the health point of view in mind while wearing a pair of shoes.

Why high heeled shoes despite the discomfort?

High heeled shoes are popular as they are elegant, sexy and are in fashion. If they gel with the attire, then they should be worn. They are good party wear, and even models wear them as they look very attractive. They come in a variety of styles and shapes. Heels can be anywhere from 2-2.5 to 5-5.5inches high. Different types are there such as box heels,pencil heels and the stilettos. Wearing a high heel provides you with glamour. A beautiful dress or a cocktail party wear will look very attractive with a high heel. Your calves will also look very attractive if you are wearing a skirt. High heels provide a nice finesse to your body and figure. Many go in for fashion classes to learn how to walk with high heels. In a high heel, you are walk will be very elegant. You will be ladylike.

The bad effects of high heels

  • Can affect the bones. The constant pressure can damage the bones of the legs
  • Back pain- High heels can cause back pain in the long run. They may be fashionable, but not advisable medically
  • Can make you look awakward, if cannot walk properly
  • Mobility becomes restricted you cannot run if you want to
  • Among teenagers or children, the bones of the legs may not form properly.

A thing of beauty has its pitfalls as well. High heels are attractive no doubt but can be a health hazard as well. Fashion cconscious women overlook this and continue to wear them as they want to look and feel good.