Winter Foot Care

Come winter and its time to store your comfy breathy flip-flops inside and get out those thick leather boots that would keep your feet warm in freezing chill. But, before you think you can put your feet up and not bother taking care of your feet during winters, you should read further-

Feet become susceptible to a wide range of problems in winter. Some of the most common problems are ““


““ During winter many people complain of dry skin that can even lead to cracking. In winters the air lacks moisture and ends up drying the feet and if your feet are kept under heavy socks and boots, you may prohibit your feet from shedding the dead skin. This would eventually lead to flaky feet. This makes it very essential to moisturize your feet as much as possible. Bathing in hot water also causes damage to the skin. Its always better to bathe in warm water. A good pedicure weekly that softens the dead skin and scrubs it out will help a great deal especially if you have developed cracks and fissures in your heels. If the cracking of your heels has aggravated, it’s better to use a heavy oil based moisturizer and wear socks while going to sleep. If you see your cracks bleeding, you should use an anti-biotic cream and apply bandage to prevent any bacterial attacks.

Fungal infections

““Feet also become prone to fungal infections in winter. Fungi are organisms that grow in dead tissues of the skin, in moist areas and sometimes within the toenails. Some people end up picking up fungal infections from their winter boots that might have been a house to the fungus over the summer waiting to infect the foot.

The fungal infection if not treated may also spread to other parts of the foot. So you can use anti-fungals like Sporanox or Lamisil. You can also use nail lacquers like Penlac and creams like Lotrimin.

It’s also important to maintain proper hygiene during the fungal infection. You should not just regularly wash your feet and socks clean but also clean your boots too. If you cant wash your boots or shoes, you can spray them with anti-fungal sprays like Tinactin every week.

Frostbite ““

People living in places that experience extremely low temperatures in winters are highly susceptible to frostbites. In case you experience frostbite, it is advised that you do not expose your feet to hot water immediately. If so, you will end up burning your feet. Soak your feet in lukewarm water. If the frostbite is severe and has resulted in blisters and blackening of skin it is wise to rush to the hospital.