What is Foot Care Callous?

Callous on feet is really shocking. Most of the people just hate callous feet and become much tensed when they see it on their feet. But it should not stop you from wearing what you like showing off your feet. What is the solution for it? Here is some useful information and easy to follow callous care tips for you.
It is for sure that to see and feel a hard callous on foot is something that makes you shameful about your feet. But the truth is that you can easily beat callous out of your life, if you know the proper care of callous.

How a Callous Develops on your Feet?

A callous is actually thickening of the external layer of your feet skin. The thickening occurs due to the regular pressure or friction on the skin. Callous forms as the sign of the body’s reaction to this pressure or friction.
The process in which the callous forms is known as hyperkeratosis. This is the term that best describes the real tempering and thickening of skin that gradually turns on to become a hard callous.
People who are most affected by callous are the athletes, gymnasts, weight lifters and the players who are often prone to heavy workouts.

Causes of Callous on Your Feet:

• It can develop as a reaction to any new or uncomfortable shoe that you wear.
• The socks that bother you a lot or do not let you walk comfortably can be the reason of callous. You may most likely see a callous on the heel, however, it can also make a place for itself on the ball of the foot and also wherever your bone makes a hefty extrusion.
• Standing for a good deal of time can result in foot callous.
• Shoes having contract toe boxes, particularly the dress shoes of women may result in a foot callous.
• Pressure due to wearing high heel sandals or shoes may induce a foot callous.
• If a person is overweight, the additional pressure that it casts over the feet can also result in foot callous.
• People with high arches or flat feet develop it more easily.
• The patients of bunions may also be prone to callous either on their feet or toes. The most likely requirement to wear shoes is with a broad toe box.

How you can Prevent Callous Feet?

• The best way to prevent callous on your feet is to wear soft, comfortable well supporting, quality walking shoe shoes.
• Stop wearing the shoes which are causing callouses on your feet.
• Use moisturizers to keep your skin more supple
• Use pumice stone and clean the area weekly twice to minimize the formation.
• Use silicone insert on the pressures area.
A Word to Diabetics with Callous Feet:
If you are diabetic with callous feet, first check up with a paeodiatrist and get recommendations accordingly. Avoid removing your callous. Use specially medicated creams that are made only for this purpose.

Treatment of Foot Callous:

• Use a callous remover product
Use moisturizers or softening creams twice daily.
Use a removing files
Some medications also suggested in severe cases by podiatrists.
• If it is really painful and not responding to any medications, podiatrists suggest surgery.


If the callous is really big or painful,be sure to consult a Podiatrist. Never do a mistake to cut your callous.