Summer Foot Care

Before you run to get your favorite flip-flops out of the closet at the very onset of summer, its time to prepare your feet to deal with summers. Obviously after being wrapped in heavy socks and crammed in heavy boots all through winter, your feet need some care so that they look good and feel good in the summer sun.

Here are some tips you may find helpful ““

Trim your nails carefully straight across to avoid toenail edges from cutting into the skin resulting in ingrowths and infections.

Keep your feet moisturized to avoid the skin from becoming flacky and your heels from cracking into fissures.

Make sure you wipe off the lotion from between your toes. The moist environment between your toes makes the area susceptible to fungal infections.

Scrub your feet regularly with a pumice stone. This will help you get rid of the dead skin and avoid calluses and corns.

Wear comfortable and well-fitted shoes in order to avoid blisters, calluses, corns and all the other problems that occur as a result of poor fitted shoes.

If you have a problem of corns and calluses, its better to visit a podiatrist early on and get them removed.

Wearing poor fitted shoes may also weaken foot muscles. Wearing sandals uses more of your foot muscles and strengthens them. Purchase shoes that are specifically designed for this problem.

Hair on the toe is a sign of healthy feet and good blood circulation. But if you find them ugly, you can remove them.

If you have a problem of sweaty and smelly feet in summers, begin your summers by drinking a lot of fluids and keep dusting your feet with foot powder. Wear shoes that allow ventilation.

After a tiring day, foot soak will help soothe frayed nerves.

Get yourself a good foot massage regularly to improve blood circulation.