How to Treat Callous Feet?

To get rid of foot callous is easy and most of the times pain less as well. There are many advanced techniques available in the market to deal with this problem. You can contact a reliable doctor or treat it yourself with the help of a family member. However, the former is always advisable.
It is easy to get the callous removed. When you discover a callous at first, see your doctor immediately. You should follow his or her advice. The doctor may have a diagnosis to know the seriousness of the problem and recommend the treatment thereafter. Have a good evaluation from your podiatrist. You should be open about your problem and ask them questions to clear your doubts, if any. Discuss all your queries about the treatment options and procedures as well.

If you want to treat the callous yourself, here are some easy ways to do it:

• You can remove the callous, by using a callous remover cream or any good quality product. The process is to first apply softening cream to the callous and to the whole foot, as per your requirement. If you want the treatment to be done fast, apply the cream, twice or thrice in a day or as the doctor prescribes.
• Make use of a callous filer or your normal pedicure filer to make the callous soft and smooth.
• Take into notice here that however hard or unbearable the callous is, never ever try to cut the callous using a scissor, blade or a razor. If you will follow these means, it is for sure that you will end up causing more harm to your feet than any good.
• One can go for conservative care or surgery for the treatment of callous. The treatment depends on the case and its seriousness.
• Do a regular care of your feet, affected with callous, which may include periodic trimming or trimming of that area to ensure best comfort.
• Keeping pads on the toes or in between the toes is also relaxing. It helps to reduce the pressure and pain on the feet.
• When affected with callous or undergoing treatment, always wear large and wide shoes. Make sure they are soft and comfortable for you.
• Functional orthotics is a method which helps to change the mechanics of the foot. It reduces the extent pf callous.
• The medical science has devised good and effective treatment methods for the diabetes or arthritis patients. They may also wear specially made and molded shoes.
• Callous is best treated by surgical operation of an inherent deformity. It is an alternative accessible by some of the patients.
• You can also go for a hammertoe operation which is the best example of the case where a toe is rolled out and there is no significant pressure on the feet. As a consequence, gradually, the pressure associated corn just goes off.
• You can also try an easy to perform home remedy, involving dissolution of a foot soap powder having borax, iodine and bran in warm water. Soak your feet in this mixture for about 15 to 20 minutes.