How to Take Proper Foot Care?

Proper foot care is very essential to ensure healthy feet. Every person has different feet types. Your feet may be strong or vulnerable, but they need a good care to work efficiently. The feet are the ones that reflect your overall health and comfort level.

Why proper foot care is important?

When feet are not cared for properly, they start becoming ill. When they are ill, they start showing some symptoms as well .these symptoms may different for different people, but as a whole they are-continuous pain, irritation and discomfort. Symptoms are actually warning signs that your feet want care.
For instance, if you will keep on bearing a painful joint and learn to ignore it, it will be worse and worse and will be very painful, eventually. The pain may even hamper your walking style, to come on terms with which you may have to walking in a little limping way to avoid the pain. This can further grow up to be a great problem.

Here are some of the proper foot care tips

• Wash your feet regularly and keep them as clean as you can.
• After you are done with washing, massage them in mild way using some good moisturizing cream or lotion.
• Wear the shoes or slippers that support your foot properly. This helps to have maximum comfort for the foot and reduce the chance of injury.
• Try and avoid wearing the same shoes to your workplace every day. It may have the growth of some dangerous bacteria. Always alternate your shoes and wear the fresh ones.
• The footwear that you choose to wear should be made of natural materials or the materials that absorb moisture and let air pass. This helps your feet to breathe.
• Just like the shoes, do not wear same sock daily. You should change them at least once in a day. Select those socks to wear that have at least 70 per cent of cotton or wool material, which are skin friendly. These socks that are made using these fibers are really effective to keep sweat off from the skin. They let the air paas and keep skin dry and free from odor.
• It is also important to vary the heel heights of your shoes or sandals at regular intervals. You must opt to wear low heels one day and slightly higher heels, the next day. For day to day use, it is advisable to not to wear heels exceeding the heights of about 2 cms.
• Similarly, wear different shoe types also. Try sneaker one day, then leather shoe the other day or a high heel belly the other.
• Massage is very important to refresh your feet gently. You can massage gently, using a foot roller and massage oil. It is better to ask you partner for massage.
• Make a bit of exercise also a part of your routine. Keep your feet up while sitting for about 10 minutes to improve your blood circulation.