How to Get Rid of Sweaty Feet?

Sweaty feet are problem for many. They not only cause social problems but a great deal of personal problems too. Apart from causing strong odor, sweaty feet can also hamper your daily walks and life. Sweaty feet are a natural phenomenon and can be yours by birth. There are many ways to get rid of the sweaty feet. Here is some best information you may be looking for.
Sweaty feet are caused by the nature of your body. In the average span of the day, your body perspires naturally to regulate heat. In case of some people, this natural process of perspiration is overweening in the feet. This is what results in sweaty feet and in most of the cases sweaty palms too. This condition is known as hyperhidrosis; defined as the yield of perspiration more than what is important to cool off your body.
Excessive sweating is generally of two types-the first case is when your body sweats more naturally while in the second case, your body sweats more due to some conditions and diseases. The first case is known as primary hyperhidrosis and the second one is secondary hyperhidrosis.
The biggest problem that lies with sweaty feet is that they can even result in very smelly feet. It can be thus very embarrassing situation for the affected person. People frequently experience pieces of skin that is inclined to peel and be really painful. Sweaty feet can also result in Athletes foot, which is a common condition.

Tips to get rid of sweaty feet:

• Take special precaution with foods and drinks that you intake. It is noted that certain foods and drinks can make you sweat greatly. Drinks that have alcohol or caffeine may provoke surplus sweating. In the same way, some spicy food may make some individuals sweat a great deal.
• Sweating beyond certain limits may also be due to hereditary reasons. If you are facing problem of sweaty foot, find out whether your parents have this problem too. There are certain medications available in the market that can control natural perspiration. Always consult your doctor before taking these medicines.
• If you are taking some medicines regularly, consult your doctor to know if these are the reasons behind excessive sweating. There are certain types of drugs that induce heavy sweating.
• If you experience that you sweat more than enough, please consult your doctor to know more. You can not measure the tendency of normal sweating. Therefore, each one of us should know about their body that whether we are sweating more than normal or less.
• Do not wear shoes that are made of synthetic materials, such as, tennis shoes and socks. These footwear are made of man made fabric which are actually contributing factors in the production of great perspiration.
• There are good qualities of lotions, medications and powders available in the market that are good to get rid of sweaty feet. Certain medical foot bath treatments are good anti-perspirants excellent for sweaty feet.