How to Deal with Foot Bone Problems?

Foot bone problems are very serious problems, with grave implications than other foot problems in most of the cases. As the term explains, they affect the bones, specifically. Here are some of the common foot bone problems explained here below.


Bunions are very painful foot ailments that includes enlargement at the joint of the big toe. In this case, the patient’s skin on the joint gets swollen. It is generally very tender. There is no specific cause for anyone to develop bunion. Wearing shoes that are not comfortable and fit really poor may cause it. You may also inherit it from your family.
To treat Bunion is easy. You should wear shoes that match properly with the shape of your foot. They must not cause any pressure areas. It may even increase your pain. In some of the worst cases of bunions, it can be incapacitating. The doctor may tell you about different types of surgery that is available I medical field. It may ease off your pain and make the feel and appearance of your foot much better.

Pain in heel

Heel pain is a common type of foot ailment, with possible connections with the patient’s bone. The ailment includes inflammation of the conjunction tissue on the sole of the foot or plantar fascia. There it gets attached to the heel bone and becomes the reason of pain.
It often starts when you may not be feeling any injury and then you start feeling it under the heel. The situation can go bad when you stand or walk and becomes worst when you wake up in the morning and come out of bed.
The solution to heel pain is nothing in particular. Most cases do get improved spontaneously. Some of the common treatments are-Heeling and stretching, medication for reducing swelling of soft tissues and using shoe inserts to make the shoe quite comfortable for you. Still, if pain persists, contact your doctor. He may further suggest steroid injections or walking casts and surgery in worst case.

Corns and Calluses

The reason why corns and calluses struck people is the creation of a certain sort of pressure on the skin of your foot. It may happen when bones of the foot compress against the shoe. It can also be caused when two foot bones are pressed together. Corns and calluses affect the big toe and the fifth toe. One of the common ailment is when calluses strikes under the ends of your foot bones. Moderate corns can happen in between the toes.
To treat corns and calluses includes relieving the pressure on the skin, generally by altering the shoe. You can use pads positioned carefully to alleviate the bony pressure. Surgery is important to get rid of a bony eminence that causes the corn or callus.


Hammertoes is a type of toe deformity. Hammertoes is an everlasting sideways crimp in your middle toe joint. It increases when you wear tight shoes or walk irregularly. To treat Hammertoes you need to wear a shoe that can comfortably accommodate your deformed toe.
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