How to Deal with Ankle Injuries?

Your ankle can get injured in any mishap, accident or due to sudden jerk. It is important to get the injury diagnosed and treated immediately; otherwise it may grow up to be really grave. Here is brief description of two major injuries, their symptoms and treatment.

Twisted / Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is a most usual type of ankle injury. It is a sort of stretching and/or tearing of the ligaments. Talo-fibula ligament is where the most common damage can be caused in the sprained ankle. In the case of worse sprain, the damage may have been caused to the calcanao-fibula ligament, which is more towards the heel’s back. Moreover, there can be damage caused to bone, tendons and alike joint tissues.
The treatment of sprained ankle is done on the basis of the severity of the sprain. There are three categories of sprained ankle, as per the severity

First degree

• Lateral ankle ligaments having stretching or tearing
• No or mild joint instability.
• Pain
• No or little swelling
• Joint stiffness
• Pain or discomfort in walking

Second degree

• Tearing a little of the ligament fibres
• Mild imbalance of the joint
• Mild or severe pain
• Difficulty to walk
• Stiffness in ankle joint
• Swelling in ankle joint

Third degree

• Ligament completely ruptured
• Total instability in joint
• Extreme pain after no feeling of pain
• Grave swelling
The treatment of sprained ankle must be immediate. At first, the patient has to be given first aid. Long term rehabilitation and toning follow next. Contact the nearby medical help provider at once. He or she may diagnose the ankle to find out the suitable treatment. The patient must take rest to make the injury heal up and pain to be reduced. Patient can be given cold therapy with ice also. Apply ice on the affected area to ease off the pain. Bleeding or swelling will be reduced in this way.

Footballers’ Ankle

Footballers’ ankle happens when the person has a growth of bone at the front of the ankle, the place where joint capsule joins. If the ankle is exhausted and over stretched, it can cause an injury. The bony dumps make inflammation in the sinews and joint capsule.
You may recognize footballers’ ankle with some signs and symptoms, including, pain and tenderness over the front of ankle joint, pain while bending foot up or down, band of pain over the front of ankle joint while you kick a ball and a bony glob at the ankle’s front.
To talk about the treatment of footballers’ ankle, it depends on the condition of the problem. The patient must contact a sport injury medical professional at once. In case, the growth is very large, it can be treated only with surgery. When the injury is recent or less harsh then it may react to a rehabilitation programme that your doctor provides you.
The sports injury specialist may do several treatments over the injury. He or she may use sports massage techniques, X ray the ankle to confirm, give you a steroid injection, suggest taking rest and may do surgery in worse case.