How to choose a sports shoe?

Sports wear selection is an art by itself, as one needs to wear the right kind of shoes while playing games. One must not neglect the shoes apparel, and he or she should ensure that the selection is comfortable, durable and latest in fashion. One may have to spend a little, but it is worth the effort, as a game can be played well if the shoes worn are comfortable.

The question that arises is why one needs to purchase the right kind of sports shoe?

  • One will not suffer from a sports injury. The types of injuries we see that are often related to shoes are: tendonitis, bursitis, bunions, hammer-toes, corns, calluses, blisters, shin splints, chondromalacia (soft cartilage), and stress fractures.People who take part in sport on a regular basis can suffer aches, pains, sprains and even fractures as a result of overload on the tissues caused by lack of shock absorption or mechanical inefficiency of the foot.
  • Good shoes can help the feet to function at optimum efficiency, absorbing shock from the force of the body’s weight being transmitted through the bones, ligaments and tendons with each movement.
  • The style is also important. Must select one that suits your taste and fashion and it should the suit the activity that you want to do. For example, running shoes are just meant for that- running. They flex well and are comfortable while running.
  • Cross trainers are much stiffer and provide greater support for the foot when side to side movements are made.
  • Court shoes are useful for tennis, basketball etc. They provide a combination of flexibility and sideways support.
  • Fitness shoes, designed for aerobics etc, also combine flexibility with support and they incorporate cushioning to lessen the effect of shock generated during high impact work.

Tips to select the right kind of sports shoe

  • Select the right kind of store. Check it out with your friends. The sales representative in the shop will help you out with the right kind of selection
  • Style. Should be the latest in fashion and what you want
  • Buy according to the activity
  • Do not make them multitask. One shoe must not be used for several activities
  • One must know one’s foot. Buy a shoe that fits well
  • Do not overpay or underpay
  • Know when to replace the shoes
  • Check the shoe for defects
  • Select appropriate socks

Play your games well. Purchase sports shoes that make this possible. Do not settle for a shoddy pair. Choose the best as comfort is what one wants. Your feet will remain healthy if your sportswear are in good order. Top sports people wear the best available. If one follows the guidelines laid down for a good pair, then one is sure that one will purchase the right kind of sportswear.