Having Foot Surgery

Healthy feet are a blessing if we take notice. Imagine how badly mobility gets affected if the foot suffers from even a small blister. From blisters to bunions, a wide range of problems can affect our feet. Medicines, physiotherapy or massages there are a variety of ways to treat these. But sometimes surgery becomes inevitable.

An expert orthopedic surgeon performs foot surgeries. Surgery could rectify deformities and correct faulty foot mechanics. Surgery becomes important for problems like severe bunions where the long metatarsal bone is cut and realigned in a straight manner. Small screws would be fixed to hold the straight bone in its place. In about a few months, the foot will be healed and you would be able to walk effortlessly.

Surgery is also required for severe Hammertoes in order to correct the deformities associated with it. The surgery will correct the deformity by removing a bone piece from the toe and by releasing the soft tissues of the foot. The surgery will provide a cosmetic improvement of the foot while providing functional improvement along with pain relief.

Morton’s Neuroma, the swelling of nerves between the third and fourth toe bones can cause pains, cramping and tingling numbness while walking. Surgery will help to decompress or remove the Neuroma.

In case of severe heel pain, surgery would also be required in order to relieve the pain. The fascia muscle would be partially removed from the heel bone through surgical procedures.

Surgery would permanently relieve problems that could not be otherwise treated through physiotherapy or medications. Surgical procedures are seen as a boon for deformities.