Foot Quiz: How Fit Are Your Feet?

Lets find out how fit are your feet. All you have to do is to take a simple quiz and determine your foot fitness. Get started –

1. When did you last have a pedicure?

  • Last month
  • Last year
  • Never

2. How do you cut your nails?

  • Cut your nails straight across
  • Cut your nails at corners so that you could round off the edges
  • Cut them haphazardly

3. Do you moisturize your feet?

  • Yes everyday.
  • Sometimes
  • Never

4. Are you over-weight?

  • No.
  • A few extra pounds.
  • Very over-weight with my BMI over 30.

5. What kind of physical activities do you indulge in?

  • I go for a walk very often
  • I do the general home work, walking around, cleaning etc.
  • I have a desk job that doesn’t require me to move around much.

6. Do you have hair on your toes?

  • Yes I do, a lot of them.
  • Yes, just a little bit.
  • No, I don’t.

7. Do you feel pain in any part of your feet i.e heel, arch, ball of the foot etc?

  • No, I don’t.
  • Yes, sometimes, when I do a stressful physical activity or walk for long hours.
  • Yes, everytime I walk.

8. Do you have problems like diabetes or arthritis?

  • No, I don’t.
  • Yes, I have one of these problems.
  • Yes I have both these problems.

9. Have you had a foot injury in the span of last six months?

  • No, I didn’t.
  • Yes, I did, but it was a minor injury. All’s well now.
  • Yes, I did. It was a severe injury. I still have difficulties walking.

10. Do you stretch and exercise your toes often?

  • Yes, I do.
  • Sometimes, I just pull them till they produce a crackling sound.
  • No, I never stretch my toes.

11. When did you last visit a Chiropodist?

  • May be a year ago.
  • Can’t remember.
  • I never visited one.


Mostly A’s – Congrats. You have very healthy feet owing to your healthy lifestyle and the care that you give your feet. Make sure you visit a Chiropodist often and keep your feet in good health.

Mostly B’s – It’s time to pay attention to your feet. You are in a moderate risk category. You need a few lifestyle changes and need to incorporate exercise in your daily schedule. Do visit a Chiropodist for a thorough examination and advise.

Mostly C’s – Your feet need immediate care. See a Chiropodist as soon as possible to resolve your problems before they get worse.