Foot Melanoma

Melanoma is a type of cancer. It begins the skin cells that give the skin its color. Foot Melanoma occurs in the foot or the ankle. Like all other types of cancer, melanoma spreads to the other areas of the body and by the time it is spotted  in the ankle, it progresses to an advanced stage.

Causes of Foot Melanoma

Excessive UV exposure
Fair Skin with freckles is very susceptible to Melanoma
Blistering sunburns at a very young age
Appearance of numerous moles at a very young age

Symptoms of Foot Melanoma

Melanoma appears as a small freckly spot on the skin. It could be either brown, black or blue. Sometimes white or red in color. To spot melanoma it is important to observe the asymmetry. The spot is not really circular, one half of the spot doesn’t resemble the other half. Border of the melanoma is notched, ragged or blurred. The color is a rather mix of hues instead of the single color. If the melanoma is larger than 5 millimeters would be a cause of concern.

Diagnosis of Melanoma

Apart from general questions, the oncologist will examine the spot through biopsy, depending on which the treatment is decided.

Prevention of Foot Melanoma

Wear Shoes and Socks for adequate protection of feet.
Apply sunscreen lotion to your feet and soles.
Inspect your soles, toe nails and in between your toes for signs.
Avoid excessive sun exposure.

Treatment of Foot Melanoma

Doctors agree that Melanoma is a kind of cancer they don’t have best treatments for. However there are vaccines that boost the patient’s immune response and attack cancer cells. Surgery is also an effective treatment option with interferon treatment.