Foot Care Tips For Children


Wash your child’s feet with warm soapy water every day.

Dry the feet properly paying proper attention to the gap between toes.

Socks should be made up of natural fiber like cotton or wool to allow the skin to breathe.

Do not use talcum powder in excess especially between the toes because this may clog or form small lumps.

Moisturize the feet regularly using baby lotion or cream. Avoid applying the moisturizer between the toes.


Clip the nails off using nail clippers

Cut the nails straight across.

Do not cut the nails too short as it may cause pain and discomfort.

Do not cut the nails too short into the corners as it may lead to painful in-grown nails.

Use a soft nail or toothbrush to soften the rough edges.

Moisturize the nails using baby cream/lotion.


Chose footwear that is comfortable for the child

Make sure there is enough room in the front so that the toes are not squashed together

The shoe should be firm fitting around the heel

Make sure the shoe has adjustable lace or strap fastening across the foot.


Give your child a good foot massage every few days.

Use baby oil for the purpose.

Gently knead the soles with your knuckles.

Gently pull the toes and massage in between the toes.

Wipe of excess oil.

Wash with warm soapy water.

Dry thoroughly.