Flexible Flat Feet

Did you ever check your foot prints out? What do you notice a curve between your forefoot and your heel? Is curve indicates the arch of the foot. Flat feet is a problem of either partial or total loss of the arch of the feet.

Symptoms of Flatfeet

  • Pain across the arch, ankle, heel or along the side of the foot.
  • A slightly turned in ankle
  • Heel is tilted towards the outside
  • The forefoot and toes point outwards
  • General weakness and fatigue in the foot/leg

What is Flexible Flat Feet?

Flat feet is generally seen in two forms ““ rigid and flexible. Flexible flat feet means that the feet are flat when the person is standing and while they are not standing, the arch can be seen on their sole. Flexible flat feet show varying degrees of deformity and disability. In the initial stages, flexible flat feet may not restrict motion of the foot and the arch. In the later stages, it is likely that arthritis may cause the arch to pain and the foot to become stiff.

Diagnosis of Flat Feet

Flat feet are diagnosed by observing the shape of the foot in both sitting and standing position. The foot and ankle surgeon will take X-rays and determine how severe your disorder is or is likely to become in future.

Treatment of Flat Feet

The treatment of flat feet would include ““

  1. Losing Weight as too excess weight my stress your arches and aggravate your problem.
  2. Avoiding activities that cause pain in your arch.
  3. Medications that reduce pain, swelling or inflammation.
  4. Physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles and tendons and provide flexibility and temporary relief.
  5. Changing to shoes that have an arch support.
  6. Usage of custom orthotic devices that may support your arches and feet.
  7. Surgery may also be considered depending on the severity of your symptoms. Through surgery the doctor will correct your flexible flatfoot. Depending on factors like the extent of your deformity, your age, weight etc, the surgery may include tendon lengthening or tendon transfers, joint fusions, insertion of implant devices or realignment of bones.