Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Cosmetic enhancement and correction of body parts is riding high ever since the big names in the film and fashion industry have vouched for it. After they have set standards for what could be “˜ideally’ beautiful, every one wants to reach those standards. Those who are naturally incapable of touching these standards, go for cosmetic surgical procedures to correct their flaws.

However, when it comes to feet, orthopedic surgeons have warned of unfavorable outcomes of the foot surgeries that are performed purely for cosmetic reasons. The unusual phenomenon of cosmetic foot surgery is becoming highly popular in women.

Wearing pointed heels has been always in vogue but very few women can manage to walk properly without experiencing pain in high heels. For some reason they have started to believe that undergoing a Cosmetic Foot Surgery will correct the structure of their feet and enable them to wear attractive high heel shoes.

Among the popular Cosmetic Foot Surgeries, patients have requested procedures to correct the appearance of a bunion, hammer toes, shortening of the second toe that appears longer than the big toe, injection of collagen into ball of the foot and toes in order to provide more padding and removal of baby toes.

However, your feet have a complex bio mechanical structure that comprises of various bones, tendons and ligaments to help a person walk, stand and run. This natural mechanism could be disrupted by cosmetic surgical procedures performed on a normal pain-free well functioning foot. This may risk an irreparable damage and challenge a person’s ability to walk normally.

To be precise, aesthetics come secondary to comfort. With cosmetic surgery you may be able to improve the appearance of your foot but you may invite pain to be a companion to you whenever you walk around. In fact most podiatrists and orthopedists say they’d never do surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. According to podiatrist Rock Positano, DPM, Director of the Non-Operative Foot and Ankle Service at HSS, “Patients who undergo these procedures may do so believing that a 20-minute operation will enable them to wear more attractive shoes, when, in fact, they may be risking twenty or more years of disabling pain.”

So make sure you have set your priorities right ““ Beauty or Comfort? The choice is yours.

Ankle Reconstructive Surgery:

Ankle reconstruction surgery is a procedure of medical plastic surgery which is carried out to restore the structure and function of the ankles. Ankle supports five times the weight of the body of the person at the time they walk. In case the cartilage of the ankle suffer some injury, suffer from arthritis or some other health condition then the movement of the ankle could be painful and debilitated. In such case most of the conservative treatment methods fail to bring back the action of the ankle. At this time ankle reconstructive surgery could be considered to be a feasible option for treating this situation.

The procedure of reconstructive surgery is a good option for those who suffer from the condition of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or trauma of ankle. This procedure is mostly undertaken by those who participate in activities of high impact like sports. Even patients with either little or nil deformity of bone or with no history of ankle joint or infection of the bone are also the perfect ones who can undergo this surgery.

The procedure of ankle reconstruction surgery takes nearly one and a half hour to complete and the patient might have to stay for the entire night at the hospital. The recovery time after the procedure is carried out is nearly 2-4 months in which cast will be there on the affected part of the patient and they will have to use crutches for walking.

Physical therapy is not generally carried out as it puts excessive pressure on the ankles while walking. The major complication associated with this condition is rheumatoid arthritis. The other common complications associated with this condition include delay in healing and the death of wound tissue. Most of these complications are caused due to the infection.

Some special techniques are being used in order to make the surgery of reconstruction better. This technique is known as Arthroscopy. In the procedure of Arthroscopy cameras are used which allow the plastic surgeon to look into the area of ankle, thus reducing the need for large incisions. The use of this procedure reduces the time of healing and also reduces the appearance of scars once the surgery is performed.