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What Is Onycholysis In Toenails?

Onycholysis is the gradual separation of your toenail from the nail bed. Initially, this is a painless occurrence but as the lifted nail allows dirt […]

Skin Peeling On Feet

Skin peeling on feet can result into a serious condition of athlete’s foot if not quickly treated. Athlete’s foot can lead to the flaking, scaling […]

Simple Toe Cuticle Infection Treatment

Toe cuticle infection, also known as paronychia, usually occurs when your cuticles and the skin around your toenails are over cut and get infected with […]

Foot Corn Removal Home Remedies

A foot corn is almost similar to calluses, but they appear differently. These corns are just thick growth of skin on the feet which are […]

Hard Skin On Foot Removal

Almost all the adults suffer from the hard skin which is present on the foot. The presence of hard skin results in pain and discomfort […]

Callus Foot Ulcers

The presence of calluses on the foot can occur on any part of the foot and its symptoms can also vary from mild callus formation […]

Hard Yellow Skin Feet

The hardness and yellowing of the skin takes place due to the formation of corns and calluses on the foot. The formation of the calluses […]

What Are Under lapping Toes?

The condition of under lapping toes affects the fifth or the fourth toes of the feet. This condition is referred as Clinodactyly or curly toes.In […]

Crooked Toes In Children

The deformity of toes can be of two types like Congenital and Acquired. The congenital deformity is the one which is caused due to some […]

Blister Rash On Feet

Formation of rash on the feet can be due the presence of many conditions in the feet. Some of the rashes can be due to […]

What Are Foot Arch Cramps?

Foot cramps are the non- voluntary and erratic spasms which are found in the inner toes or arch of the feet. The duration of these […]

Lump Arch Foot

The presence of lumps and bumps in the arch of the foot is known as Plantar Fibromas. This disorder occurs where the tissues are soft […]

Collapsed Arch Of The Foot

Collapsed arch foot or flat foot are generally the same. Most eople with flat foot do not have much problem. Usually the condition of flat […]

Overlapping Toes In Infants

The overlapping of toes in infants is a deformity which is usually hereditary. In this condition one or more toes overlap each other due to […]

What Are Big Toe Calluses?

A callus or corn is an overgrowth on the foot which becomes thick and hard in response to the intense pressure or friction on it. […]