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Dislocated Toe

A dislocated toe is different from a broken or sprained toe. A dislocated toe can be placed back in its place easily without extending the […]

Burning Feet at Night

Burning feet or Erythromelalgia or Grierson ““ Gopalan syndrome is the condition which is caused due to some circulatory disorder. It is the condition in […]

Nerve Damage in Foot

The condition of nerve damage on foot is also known as Neuropathy. The term neuropathy is made up of two different words “œneuro”which means the […]

Comminuted Fracture in Toe

Comminuted fracture in toe results in several complications like permanent deformation in the structure of the toe bone. The presence of this condition results in […]

How to Treat Peeling Feet

Skin peeling on feet can result into a serious condition of athlete’s foot if not quickly treated. Athlete’s foot can lead to the flaking, scaling […]

Top 5 Bunion Relief Home Remedies

Well, bunion is a foot condition wherein the big toe bone will protrude out due to overgrowth. And, due to this, the big toe tends […]

What Is Boils Foot?

Boils are painful structures which are round shaped, swollen, and full of puss. Boils can develop on any part of the body. In this article, […]

What Is Staph Infection Foot?

The staph infection of foot is caused by the bacteria called as Staphylococcus. This bacterium is picked up from the floor and can infect the […]

Strained Foot Ligaments

A strain is the condition which is the result of the pulling or twisting of a muscle or tendon. There are two types of strains […]

What Is MRSA Foot?

MRSA stands for “œmethicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus”. It is considered as one of the worst – a true superbug. This infection is known for killing babies, […]

What Is Varus Deformity?

A varus deformity is the conditions in which the distal ends of the joint or the bone are bend inwards. This condition can be mild […]

What Is Tenosynovitis Foot?

The condition of tenosynovitis of foot is also known as lower extremity tenosynovitis. In this condition the tendons located on the lower limb. In this […]

What Is Ankle Joint Effusion?

The condition in which the accumulation of the fluid takes place in the joint of the ankle is termed as ankle effusion. The presence of […]