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Chapped Feet Treatment

Prolonged exposure to irritating chemicals and surfaces can deplete the natural oils from the feet, thus making them dry. This results in itchy chapped feet which may be very uncomfortable and unsightly.  However, a gentle and proper foot care can heal the dry skin and turn your feet attractive. Foot care can be done right at home with easily available ingredients. Let us know some of the treatments for chapped feet.

Chapped Feet Treatment

Chapped Feet Treatment Options

  • Soak chapped feet in a foot bath containing lukewarm water and soap soaked in it. Soaking your feet for sometime softens and loosens the dry skin.  Now using a pedicure brush, scrub the feet and rub the feet gently with a pumice stone. Wash the feet thoroughly, dry them and apply a gentle moisturizer.
  • Petroleum jelly is another effective remedy for chapped feet. Apply little amount of jelly on the feet surface and heels; and cover the feet using cotton socks. Leave them overnight and wash the feet the following day. Following this everyday help stave off the chapped feet.
  • Frequent pedicures can also help prevent chapped feet. You need to be aware of the pedicure instruments which are being used for you.  They should be sterile and it would be better if you get your own instruments from home and get it done at salon.
  • Going barefoot, wearing flip flops or sling back foot wear will increase the risk of chapped feet and should be avoided.

If your feet are severely chapped, you need to get them treated by a podiatrist. This is true in case you are diabetic as diabetics are at higher risk of developing foot infections.  Treatment for foot infections involves topical medications, oral antibiotics or moisturizing lotions.

Severely chapped feet or abnormal looking feet can be an indication of fungal infection. A fungal infection in the feet will also cause toenails to turn green or yellow and thicken. If you observe these symptoms, you need to consult a doctor to get it treated. Topical and oral anti-fungal medications are usually prescribed to rule out the fungal infection.

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