Foot Care

Simple Tips to Treat Swollen Feet

Swelling of feet occurs due to excess flow of body fluids to the feet. Heart patients are mostly prone to this condition as a sick heart cannot pump efficient blood. There are many other reasons also for swollen feet. Following some simple tips can help to treat swollen feet.

Avoid walking or standing for a longer time at a stretch. Likewise avoid sitting for a longer time. Make sure to get up and walk for every one or two hours. You can include brisk walking or light foot exercises in your daily exercise regime.

Put your feet in an elevated position. Resting on your back, put the feet at least 12 inches above your heart level. This enables the deposited body fluid flow back to the body from the feet.

Soak your feet in cold water bath for relief from pain and discomfort. You can even take cool-drink cans from the refrigerator and roll your feet on them.

Reduce the intake of salt. Salt causes retention of water in body.

Reduce your weight. An overweight is more prone to have swollen feet than others.

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