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Exercises for Short Leg Syndrome

Short leg syndrome is the condition which comprises of two different conditions like functional and anatomical conditions of short leg syndrome. The use of shoe inserts is capable of correcting the anatomical problem of short leg syndrome.

As the functional problem of short leg syndrome is caused when there is an imbalance in the hips and legs which pulls one leg upwards making it look short. There are few exercises which can be helpful in treating this condition too. In the article below we will discuss these conditions in detail.

Exercises for Short Leg Syndrome:

Some of the exercises for short leg syndrome are:

Leg Crossover Stretch:

This exercise stretches the main muscle of the buttock which is gluteus maximus muscle along with the other small muscles present in the hips and buttocks known as gluteus minimus and medius. The steps of this exercise include:

  • Lie down straight on your back.
  • Now cross the short leg above the knee of the other leg. Make sure that both the knees are bent at this time.
  • Also ensure that the foot of the longer leg is on the floor.
  • Now try to lift your hips towards the long leg and stretch it to its maximum keeping the shoulders on the floor.
  • This stretch will also elongate the oblique’s present on the sides of the waist.

Supine Hamstring Stretch:

This exercise will loosen the muscles present at the back of the leg. Make sure that the stretches are performed by the shorter leg only. Performing the exercises with both the legs simultaneously will correct the imbalance of the muscles. The steps of this exercise are:

  • Lie down straight on back in such a manner that your legs pass through an open doorway.
  • Now place the bottom of the short leg straight along the side of the doorway in such a manner that the knee of the other foot is bent and foot touches the floor.
  • Keep on moving in the forward direction till the time you feel the stretch on the muscles of the hamstring and calves.
  • You can tilt your pelvis in the forward direction and arch your lower back to increase the stretch.

Lying Hip Hop Flexor Stretch:

This exercise helps in increasing the length of the muscles of the hips including psoas minor and major, ilacus and others. The flexors of the hip help in bringing the hip forward and up towards the abdomen. In order to perform the lying hip flexor stretch, the steps are:

  • Lie on a bench or a massage table with your face up. Avoid performing this exercise on the floor as the short leg requires room to lower off the edge.
  • Now hang the short leg on the bench in such a manner that knee is bent and the other leg is up to the level of your chest in such a manner that the stretch can be felt in the hip of the short leg. Also ensure that the leg do not touch the floor.
  • This exercise can be performed on the edge of the bed but make sure that the bed is flat.

Kneeling Hip-flexor Stretch:

During this exercise the hip flexors and quadriceps stretch. In order to perform this exercise the steps are:

  • Kneel on the knee of the short leg in such a manner that the other leg is forward and both knees are bent at 90 degrees.
  • Now keeping your back flat try to bend the front knee and move the pelvis in the forward direction. Only leaning of the upper body will not stretch the hip flexors.
  • You can place a pillow or a folded towel below the knee to avoid the pain of the hard floor.

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