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Comminuted Fracture in Toe

Comminuted fracture in toe results in several complications like permanent deformation in the structure of the toe bone. The presence of this condition results in severe pain, difficulty in movement in severe condition the condition of arthritis is caused.

The structure of human toe is made of bones called phalanges. The big toe comprises of proximal phalanges which are located at the base of the toe and distal phalanges which are located at the tip of the toe. Apart from these there are four toes which comprise of distal and middle phalanges which are connected to the proximal phalanges.

Different Types of Bone Fractures:

The different types of fractures include:

  • Comminuted Fracture:

    In this fracture the bone chips up into small pieces.

  • Non – displaced Fracture:

    In this fracture the bone breaks but it is not displaced from its original position.

  • Compresses Fracture:

    In this fracture the ends of the bone are compressed towards the center

  • Displaced Fracture:

    This type of fracture the normal position of the bone changes

  • Compound Fracture:

    In this type of fracture cut or slit is caused in the soft tissues and the bone would bulges out of the skin.

Causes and Symptoms of Bone Fracture:

The causes and symptoms of bone fracture include:

Comminuted fracture is caused during the severe accident when some heavy load falls on the foot or on toes or some object strikes accidently to the toe. In case the injury is severe it results in the fragmentation of the bone and results in comminuted fracture in the toe.

Similarly, sportsperson are more prone to stress and hairline fractures as certain sports require repetitive and continuous movements which make them more prone to the fractures.

The symptoms of comminuted fracture include discomfort and inflammation along with stiffness. While in the fracture of big toe the injured person will face a lot of difficulty in walking which can be painful too as the toes bear a lot of body weight.

The formation of the bruise will also be there around the injured part and in case they are left untreated they could get disfigured permanently.

Treatment of Comminuted Toe Fracture:

The treatment of this condition depends upon the severity of the condition. For example:

If the fracture is unstable and the toe can withstand properly in its normal position then the condition is treated by a process called as internal fixation. It is a surgical treatment in which incision is made in order to join the fractured bones using the screws, metal rods, wires or plates to hold them in position.

The severity of the situation will decide whether the splits should be used on the injured toe so that the fractured bone can be immobilized.

  • In case an open wound is there then it is necessary to give the tetanus shot and antibiotic medication.
  • In case of compound fracture surgery is performed and pain killers along with antibiotics are given.
  • If the bones are displaced from their position or displacement fracture is there then the method of closed reduction is used in which the adjacent toe is connected to the broken toe with the help of a tape. This is done to hold the broken toe in its position. In this case no surgery is performed.

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