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Simple Toe Cuticle Infection Treatment

Toe cuticle infection, also known as paronychia, usually occurs when your cuticles and the skin around your toenails are over cut and get infected with bacteria. A toe cuticle infection can be very painful as the toe will become inflamed, red and will be filled with pus. Please do not overlook this infection. If you do not give your cuticle proper treatment, there are chances that the infection can spread and might also lead to toe loss. So, make sure you treat your toe cuticle infection.

Things You Will Require

  • White vinegar
  • Small bowl
  • Bactroban
  • Band-aid

Simple Steps for Treating Toe Cuticle Infection

Toe Cuticle Infection

Follow these simple steps to get rid of your cuticle infection:

  1. Firstly, wash your infected toe with warm water and soap. Now, in a small bowl mix equal parts of water and white vinegar. Keep your infected toe in this bowl for about 10-15 minutes. The vinegar might sting at your toe a little. If the pain on your toe is intense, add some water to the mixture. The antibacterial properties of the white vinegar will help in healing the infection.
  2. The next step is to gently dry the toe and apply bactroban. If you do not have bactroban, you can try other over the counter ointments. After applying some cream to your toe, cover it up with a band-aid. Make sure the ointment stays on your infected toe at least for about half hour. This short time is all you need to allow the ointment to work its magic on your toe cuticle infection.
  3. Repeat the same ointment application routine for at least twice or thrice in a day. Make sure you continue it for a week. In the meanwhile, also pop in an anti-inflammatory which will help in reducing pain and swelling.
  4. If your toe cuticle infection does not reduce, make sure you visit a doctor and follow all the given instructions religiously.
  5. Once the infection reduces, apply any oil to your cuticles to make them look better and pretty again.

Toe cuticle infection is not very common, but the treatment for it is very simple.

Cuticle Oil Benefits

If your cuticles are cracked, dry, and split, then the use of cuticle oil will help in restoring the softness of the cuticle. The application of the cuticle oil moisturizes the parts of the nails and cuticle and prevents them from cracking and drying out.
Some of the features of the regular use of cuticle oil are:

  • Keeps the Cuticles Moisturized: In order to keep your cuticle soft, moist, and beautiful, it is advisable to apply cuticle oil each time you wash your hands or immerse them in water. You can also apply cuticle oil before going to bed and cover them with cotton gloves which will help in soaking up of the oil into the cuticle during the night.
  • Keeps the Cuticles Nourished:The other important role of cuticle oil is to nourish the dry cuticles. Oils like jojoba oil etc. are capable of replacing the lost nutrients and refill the cracks with the help of emollients. Most of the cuticle oils are very much similar to the natural sebum of the skin, hence they treat the infections, maintain the balance of the skin and help in healing of the skin.
  • Protects the Cuticles from the Infection:The regular use of cuticle oil helps in protecting your skin from Paronychia. The use of cuticle oil keeps the cuticle moist thus reducing the possibility of bacterial paroncychia, dry cracked nails and hangnails. The use of cuticle oil having anti-bacterial properties prevents the infection even before it generates on the skin.

Tips to Prevent Toe Cuticles from Infection:

Some of the tips to prevent the toe cuticle from infection are:

  • Soak your cuticle in warm water having some amount of salt in it. Soak them for 5-10 minutes before you go off to sleep in the night.
  • Now apply some cuticle oil over them to make them moist and soft. In case your cuticle is suffering from some infection then apply some antibacterial cream like Neosporin or Bacitracin.
  • In order to keep the germs away from the nail cuticle, it is advisable to apply a nail brush dipped in baking soda on your cuticles. This will make your cuticles soft and properly clean your nails as well.

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