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Foot Corn Removal Home Remedies

A foot corn is almost similar to calluses, but they appear differently. These corns are just thick growth of skin on the feet which are formed naturally to give protection from friction and pressure. The reason for a foot corn popping out could be many, it can be either caused due to not wearing socks, or wearing poorly-fitting shoes. When pressed, they can be very painful. However, instead of going for the surgical removal method, there are many foot corn removal home remedies.

Simple Home Remedies for Foot Corn Removal:

Follow these simple remedies to get rid of your painful foot corns:

  • Raw Papaya: This is a very easy and effective way of removing foot corn. All you need to do is, take ½ teaspoon of raw papaya juice and apply it over your foot corns for about 4 days. Your corn will surely heal.
  • Aspirin: Another simple option to remove foot corn is by using aspirin. Take two aspirin tablets and mix it with 3-4 drops of water and make a paste. Apply this over your corns and cover the foot corns with the help of a band aid. Keep this paste on your corns overnight. Repeat this procedure until your foot corn peels off automatically.
  • Vinegar:Every night, apply vinegar on your foot corns with the help of a cotton ball. Leave in on overnight so that the corn heals. Vinegar has amazing healing effect on the foot corns as they would pull them out right from the roots.
  • Pineapple:Cut a pineapple piece, as big as your foot corn. Place this piece on your foot corn and leave it overnight. Follow this method for a few days, and your corn will definitely heal.
  • Lemon:You can also put a lemon piece on your foot corn and leave it on. Your foot corn will surely reduce.
  • Onion:Another simple foot corn removal home remedy is by using onion. All you need to do is either make of paste of the onion or simple cut out a small piece and place it on the foot corns. Cover it up with a band aid and leave it on overnight. In just 4 days, you will be able to see amazing results.
  • Castor Oil:If you have soft foot corns, you can apply a little castor oil to make them hard. Then, use a pumice stone to rub them off your feet. For effective results, apply the oil at least thrice a day.
  • Honey and Turmeric Powder:Well, both honey and turmeric powder have natural healing properties. Make a thick paste of honey and turmeric powder and apply it over your foot corns. In just 3 days, you will be able to see instant results.
  • Oatmeal:Boil some oatmeal in hot water for over 5 minutes. Darin the water in a bucket. Soak your foot corn in this water for about 20 minutes. The oatmeal water will help in softening the corn so that it will eventually fall off.
  • Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider: Apply the apple cider on your foot corns with the help of a cotton ball. While applying put some pressure on the foot corn for about 3 minutes. Allow the foot corns to dry out naturally. Later, use a cotton ball again to apply the tea tree oil. Air dry your foot corns. Repeat the same procedure for a couple of days, and your foot corns will definitely come off.
  • Cocoa Butter:One of the simple foot corn removal home remedy is the cocoa butter application. Put on some cocoa butter on your foot corn at least thrice a day. Your foot corn will become soft and will be easy to remove.

These are a few simple foot corn removal home remedies which can be followed easily.

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