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Strained Foot Ligaments

A strain is the condition which is the result of the pulling or twisting of a muscle or tendon. There are two types of strains ““ acute strain or chronic strain. An acute strain is the result of an injury or trauma like a blow to the body. It is usually caused by lifting the heavy objects in an improper manner. Chronic strain is the result of prolonged overuse or the repetitive movement of the tendons and muscles.

Symptoms of Strained Foot Ligaments:

Some of the symptoms of foot ligaments are:

  • Localized swelling, inflammation or cramping will be noticed in the affected part
  • Weakness in the muscles, pain, and muscle spasm will be there
  • In severe cases the muscles will lose its function, there can be a complete or partial tear of the tendon or muscle which can be painful too.
  • Sometimes numbness can be there in the affected part

Treatment of Strained Foot Ligaments:

The treatment of strained foot ligaments include:

  • Rest:

    Complete rest to the affected part is very important. Avoid putting any kind of the weight on the affected part and it is advisable to use crutches etc. while walking in order to do so.

  • Application of Ice Packs:

    The application of ice packs on the affected part will help in reducing the pain and swelling from the affected part. You can fill the ice in a towel or in a plastic bag and apply it on your affected 5-8 times in a day for nearly 20 minutes for better results.

  • Compress The Affected Part:

    In order to treat the affected part it can be compressed by using air casts, splints, elastic wraps etc. The use of these items will help in early healing of the affected part.

  • Elevating The Affected Part:

    For the early healing of the affected part, it is advisable to keep the injured part at an elevated location, such as on a pillow etc, which is higher than the level of the heart. This elevation will help in reducing the swelling and thus help in early healing of the affected part.

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