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What Is Varus Deformity?

A varus deformity is the conditions in which the distal ends of the joint or the bone are bend inwards. This condition can be mild or severe depending upon the situation. If left untreated it can become worse and can harm the entire part too.

Causes of Varus Deformity:

Some of the causes of varus deformity are:

  • The presence of some congenital malformations especially at the time of birth can result in the development of this condition.
  • Any kind of trauma or sprain, poor posture or any broken part which is poorly healed can also this condition.
  • The athletes and dancers are more prone for developing this condition as they exert more pressure on their knees and foot.
  • They also leave their minor ailments untreated which over the time can transform into this deformity

Symptoms of Varus Deformity:

Some of the symptoms of varus deformity are:

  • Limping of the affected part
  • Pain in the affected part
  • Shortening of the limbs
  • The distal end of the knee is inwardly deviated giving an appearance of bowlegged.

Treatment of Varus Deformity:

Surgery is the only treatment for this condition. There are various types of surgical procedures which are followed in treating this condition. Some of them are:

  • Fibular Osteotomy:It is the procedure in which surgery is performed through a small incersion.
  • Tibial Osteotomy:It is the procedure in which surgery is performed by making an incision longitudinally. In this process, the incision is made along the line of the joint leaving the posterolateral portion of the distal tibia intact.

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