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What Is Ankle Joint Effusion?

The condition in which the accumulation of the fluid takes place in the joint of the ankle is termed as ankle effusion. The presence of this effusion causes swelling and pain and even lead to serious complications too. In this article we will discussing some of the causes and treatment of the ankle joint effusion.

Causes Of Ankle Joint Effusion: Some of the causes of ankle joint effusion are:

  • It can be a result of some injury or trauma to the joint.
  • Sports person suffer from this condition the most due to some kind of injury in their ankle which results in effusion in the ankle.
  • Any kind of fall which resulted in the twisting or sudden blow to the ankle can also result in this condition.
  • Any kind of inflammation or infection can also result in the development of the ankle joint effusion.
  • The presence of an overactive immune system will also result in developing this condition.

Treatment Of Ankle Joint Effusion: The treatment of this condition includes:

  • The first and foremost step to treat this condition is to treat the swelling. The treatment of the swelling will itself give give relief from the pain and inflammation of the ankle. This can be treated by taking anti”“inflammatory drugs or steroidal injections into the ankle. This will help in bringing down the swelling greatly.
  • Application of ice packs on the affected part will also help in reducing the swelling greatly.
  • Similarly, elevating the ankle to a height will also help in reducing the swelling.
  • Use of braces or stretching exercises of the ankle will help in preventing the further accumulation of the fluid in the ankle joint.

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