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Hard Skin On Foot Removal

Almost all the adults suffer from the hard skin which is present on the foot. The presence of hard skin results in pain and discomfort of the foot and gives an appearance of unkempt feet and also promotes the development of some other conditions too.

The formation of hard skin on the foot takes place due to the intense pressure on the foot. This pressure is exerted due to intense weight of the body, managing the changes in the weight, absorbing impact and transfer among other tasks. It is basically due to these reasons that skin present on the feet becomes thick as compared to the skin of the other parts. In this article we will be discussing some of the treatment methods and preventive measures for treating the hard skin on the feet.

Treatment Of Hard Skin Foot Removal:

The treatment of hard skin foot removal include:

  • Scraping instrument can be used for removing the dead skin cells from the feet.
  • A huge variety of gels, creams and lotions are available in the market which can be used for the softening of the skin before you use any device for removing the hard skin from the foot.
  • Natural products like pumice stones can be used at the time of bathing and can be cleaned off immediately.
  • In severe cases, you can visit a chiropodist (who are foot care specialists), they can remove and soften the hard skin very quickly and easily. They are capable of doing it independently too. They will also suggest some of the regimes and products which can be used at home and would also be helpful in treating other problems like corns and calluses that are present as the result of untreated hard skin.

Preventive Measures Of Hard Skin Removal:

Some of the preventive measures which can be followed to remove the hard skin from the feet include:

  • Give proper rest to your feet. This can be done by submerging them in a bath of warm water for sometime and relax.
  • Massage your feet with oils or with some massaging creams to keep your feet soft and moist.
  • Use pumice stone on the heels, sides and ball of the feet in order to remove the dead skin regularly from the feet.
  • Avoid walking bare foot, it is better to wear soft slippers or socks whenever you are at home.

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