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What Are Under lapping Toes?

The condition of under lapping toes affects the fifth or the fourth toes of the feet. This condition is referred as Clinodactyly or curly toes.In this condition the toe which is affected rotates slightly in such a manner that the top of the toe faces the outer side of the foot.

The fifth toe in this condition curls in the backward direction towards the fourth toe of the foot. The presence of this abnormal condition can result in the formation of the calluses on the toe which is affected. Pain and irritation are the common symptoms of this condition.

Causes Of Under lapping Toes:

The condition of underlapping toes is a congenital condition. This deformity is hereditary and the presence of this condition in any family holds a strong trend. Some podiatrists are of the view that this condition is caused due to the imbalance of the muscle in foot. The enhancement of the weight on the foot also results in the condition of underlying toes.

The children with high arches or with flat feet face the problem of unequal distribution of weight. As the result of this situation, the development of this condition takes place.

Treatment Of Under lapping Toes:

The treatment of underlying toes includes:

  • Wear the shoes which have high and wide boxes. It is because such shoes will not enforce extra pressure on the foot and will also help in curing the deformity.
  • In the deformity is flexible then it can easily cured by removing one affected method through surgery but in case it is rigid then the process of surgery is difficult as it also requires removal of the parts of the bones also for curing the deformity.

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