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Infrared Foot Massager

Infrared foot massager is responsible for adding extra warmth to the massage. Whenever two speeds of deep vibrations are given they enhance the intensity of the massage. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits and qualities of infrared foot massager.

Qualities Of An Infrared Foot Massager:

Some of the qualities of the infrared foot massager include:

  • The floor of foot massager is made of plastic casing. It uses ozone, photon and infrared waves which stimulate the acupuncture points in the foot.
  • The soothing warm environment of the foot massager is responsible for giving the perfect massage to the foot.
  • The massage relieves the tension from the foot by acting exactly on the acupressure points of the foot.
  • It gives the foot a deep massage up to the level of the tissue by vibrating and kneading on the soles of the foot.
  • The combination of warmth and vibration will help in relaxing the feet and giving a feeling of well being to the feet.

Benefits Of The Infrared Foot Massager:

Some of the benefits of the infrared foot massager include:

  • It stimulates the circulation of the blood in the foot
  • It improves the process of detoxification in the blood
  • It improves the metabolism in the blood
  • It helps in strengthening of the immune system in the body
  • It also improves the functions of the various organs and processes in the body

Features Of An Infrared Foot Massager:

An infrared foot massager has the following points:

  • It is controlled by a remote system
  • It has a timer which can be set up to 15 minutes
  • It carries 8 infrared treatment and 12 vibrating intensities
  • The massager is very light in weight.

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