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Lump Arch Foot

The presence of lumps and bumps in the arch of the foot is known as Plantar Fibromas. This disorder occurs where the tissues are soft and the tissues form a mass or develop within the plantar fascia which is located on the bottom of the foot.

The development of Plantar Fibromas begins with the mass of soft tissues. The formation of this mass results in pain which in turn causes problem in proper standing. The presence of this mass can also cause irritation if the person stands for long hours putting the entire body weight on the lump.

Symptoms Of Lump Arch Foot:
The symptoms of lump arch foot include:

  • Intense and constant pain will be felt in the lower part of the foot while standing or walking.
  • The density and size of the lump will increase with the passage of time and not instantaneously.
  • Blisters which are soft and tender will appear, and will intensify with the passage of time.

Treatment Of Lump Arch Foot:
The treatment Of Lump Arch Foot includes:

  • You can use orthotic pads which will help you to reduce the pain and pressure from your soles.
  • There are Cortisone injections which can be used for stimulating the mass and helping it to spread.
  • The mass can be removed surgically where only the coagulated mass is removed leaving behind the entire ligament. This is the last option for treating this condition. Once this surgery is undertaken it is advised that you must regularly wear insoles to support the lower part of the foot.

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