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Collapsed Arch Of The Foot

Collapsed arch foot or flat foot are generally the same. Most eople with flat foot do not have much problem. Usually the condition of flat foot is inherited and the symptoms of this condition appear only after the age of 3 -4 years.

The condition of collapsed foot is caused due to the misalignment of the bones in the foot. In a collapsed foot, the medial long arch of the foot is collapsed. The misalignment and twisting of the foot occur along with the collapse of the arch which causes excessive wear and tear in the foot which ultimately results in pain.

Causes Of The Collapsed Arch Foot:

The causes of collapsed arch of the foot are:

  • The main known reason for the collapsed foot to occur is a strong genetic predisposition for flat feet.
  • Some kind of mechanical abnormality of the foot; there might be a number of alignment problems which can cause the arches to collapse.
  • Any kind of stretch or rupture in the tendons and ligaments which are responsible for maintaining the arch in position can also result in collapse or flat foot.

Symptoms Of The Collapsed Arch Foot:

The symptoms of collapsed arch foot are:

  • Pain in your shin bones or in the splints of your shin
  • Pain in the arch of the foot
  • Pain in the knee of your foot
  • Lower back ache
  • Pain in the heel of your foot
  • Development of corns and calluses under your foot.

Treatment of The Collapsed Arch Foot:

The treatment of collapsed arch foot include:

  • Use orthotic insoles to support your arch.
  • Wear shoes with proper fitting
  • Do exercises which will help in keeping the active position of the foot.
  • Using orthotic doc pods will help in preventing the wear and tear of the foot and will also prevent the lower limbs from any flat foot deformity.

How to Judge if you have a Collapsed Foot:

Following are the tests which can be helpful for you to determine the type of arch you have:

  • Evaluation of the Shoe:Place your shoes on a table which is flat and take a close on them at the level of the eye from behind. In case the soles of your shoes are evenly worn then it is fine, but in case more wear is caused to them on the inner side of the side especially on the heel area then it is flat foot. The presence of flat foot will result in the inward leaning of the upper part of the shoe over the sole. Also ensure that the wear in both is in the same way.
  • Footprint Test:This test can be done after you come out of a swimming pool, have a closer look at your footprint created on concrete. You will notice that the front part of the foot will be linked by a strip to the heel. In case your foot is flat then the strip and the front of the foot will be of the same width creating a footprint similar to a stretched out pancake.

In case you have the pain in one of your foot, then it might happen that have a collapsed foot on that side. Two tests are available which can be easily performed to detect this problem at home. They are:

  • Too Many Toe Signs:Just stand straight with your feet parallel to each other. You can ask someone to stand at your back and have a closer look at your feet or you can judge it by yourself by standing facing your back in front of the mirror. In normal cases only the pinky can be seen from the back but in case one of the feet is flatter than the other then fourth or sometimes third toe present on the foot is also seen.
  • Tiptoes Test:Try to stand on your tiptoes or try to place your fingertips on the wall you are directly facing, in case you are not able to do so, then you might be suffering from a collapsed foot.

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  1. i have pain in my heel all the time when i get up from bed or a chair it is very difficult and painful on the is 24/7

  2. i have calasped arches and the pian goes up my leg is that bad?

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