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Overlapping Toes In Infants

The overlapping of toes in infants is a deformity which is usually hereditary. In this condition one or more toes overlap each other due to some genetic problem. This condition can be present in both the genders may it be a girl or a boy. This condition can be treated by some gentle stretching or by paper ““ tape splinting for the whole night.

If your baby is suffering from any such deformity make sure that it is treated before he or she starts walking because once the child starts walking the legs will adapt the movement according to its structure after which the treatment of such deformity becomes very tough.

Overlapping Toes In Infants:

Some of the features of overlapping toes in infants are:

  • This condition is characterized by one toe lying at the top of an adjacent toe.
  • Usually the fifth toe is the affected one.
  • Such condition develops usually in unborn babies.
  • Passive stretching or adhesive tapping can be used for treating these but there are chances for the deformity to reoccur.
  • Surgical methods are successful in which the tendon and soft tissues are tied together, are released around the joint at the base of fifth toe. Thus, curing the deformity.
  • In the other surgical method a pin can be inserted inside the toe to hold it in straight position thus curing the deformity.
  • This deformity if not treated on time can affect the walking style of your child. He or she may also face problems with their footwear too.

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