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Sprained Toe Remedy

Sprain in a toe is defined as the condition in which the tissues which are located around the injured toe suffer wear and tear. These tissues are called ligaments and are extremely soft. Ligaments are used for connecting two or more bones to form a joint.

There are a few simple home remedies which can be followed to treat a sprained toe. Some of these remedies are discussed in this article.

10 Simple Sprained Toe Remedy:
10 simple home remedies which can be followed for treating your sprained toe are:

  • The simplest and the most effective means to treat a sprained toe is apply a cool compress on it and cover it with a bandage.
  • Black coffee can also be used for treating your sprained toe. All you have to do is to wrap a table spoon of black coffee in a bandage and tie it over the injured toe.
  • Cabbage leaves can also be used for treating a sprained toe. For using them, just soak them in a bowl of water for sometime and now tie these soaked leaves over your injured toe for a few minutes.
  • Just warm some water and add lavender oil to it. Now soak your sprained toe in this warm water for sometime.
  • Mix almond oil and garlic oil together and massage your feet with it.
  • You can also mix sunflower oil to camphor oil and use this mixture for massaging the affected part.
  • 2 table spoons of sunflower can be mixed with 1 table spoon of turpentine oil. Use this mixture for a regular massage of your sprained toe.
  • If you have intense pain you can add turmeric in a hot glass of milk. This will give instant relief to your pain. Source
  • Add one table spoon of honey to a table spoon of lime juice. Use this mixture to massage your sprained toe.
  • Prepare a mixture by grinding the leaves of lime with butter. Apply this mixture over your affected part.

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