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What Are Big Toe Calluses?

A callus or corn is an overgrowth on the foot which becomes thick and hard in response to the intense pressure or friction on it. This overgrowth is formed as a response of the body’s defence system in order to protect the underlying tissues. If the intense pressure or friction is not reduced, the calluses can become really painful.

Usually the formation of calluses takes place on the ball of the foot just under the big toe or on the tips or on the top of the big toe. The soft corns are formed in between the toes where the skin is soft and moist due to sweat. When the pressure is concentrated at one point of the corn, then they transform into a hard corn.

Symptoms Of Big Toe Calluses:

The symptoms of big toe calluses include:

  • Presence of thick patch of hard skin on the foot.
  • A small bump is noticed which is hard and may have a central core.
  • Soft corns will have white and rubbery bumps on the skin.
  • These structures push deep inside the skin rather than spreading around.
  • These structures pain whenever pressure is applied on them.

Treatment Of Big Toe Calluses:

The treatment of big toe calluses include:

  • Corn pads or toe combs can be used which can prevent rubbing
  • Cushions can be used inside the shoes which will give support to the foot while walking, thus reducing, pain, pressure, friction and rubbing.
  • Preferably wear shoes with wide and deep toe box. This will be of great help in reducing the pressure.
  • Wear proper fitting shoes so that the heel does not slip, so that heel do not slip from its place. This will help in eliminating big toe calluses.
  • You can use heel hugs which prevents the heel from slipping.

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