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How Do You Get Corns On Your Feet?

Corns are growths which occur on the feet. They are formed due to intense pressure caused by wearing tight fitting shoes. The intense pressure and friction breaks the keratin layer present in the skin and causes thickening of the skin surface.

If this broken keratin layer is subjected to further pressure, it gives rise to calluses. If a bony part on the foot is subjected to the same pressure, foot corns are formed. Corns can be painful as the keratin pug which is formed puts pressure on the underlying nerves.

Causes Of Corn Formation On Your Feet:

Some of the basic causes for the formation of corns on the feet are:

  • Tight fitting footwear is considered as the main reason for the formation of corns. This is because tight fitting shoes put intense pressure on the skin. This pressure destroys the keratin layer in the skin giving rise to corns.
  • People who exercise regularly, for example, athletes, are more likely to get corns as their feet is in constant use.
  • If a prominent bone of your feet is under constant pressure due to tight fitting shoe then it can also result in corn formation.
  • Sometimes the foot is not properly formed genetically. This can also play a major role in corn formation too.
  • Sometimes the bones are not able to join properly after a fracture. When such bone is kept under constant pressure it can result in the formation of foot corn.
  • Even your walking style and posture of the body also plays a major role in corn formation.
  • Any kind of surgery in the lower extremities of foot can also result in corn formation. Whenever some kind of pressure is placed on them it result in the formation of a corn.

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