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What can I Expect after Bunion Surgery?

Immediately after

bunion surgery

you will be taken to Post Anesthesia Care Unit for application of cold packs. You will be given

post-operative shoes

and may be crutches will be given to you.

The expected recovery time of a bunion surgery is between 6 weeks to 6 months. Complete healing may even take up to a year. Aftermath care of the surgery depends on the extent of surgery.

Normally, bunion surgery involves a cut in the top of the big toe and the soft tissue and the bone are either removed or realigned to the toe joint. The extent to which it is done tells the severity of the surgery. If the joint is severely deformed then it may take some time to stabilize with wires, stitches and screws and plates. The pain cannot be however be completely relieved of pain as it takes long time to get cure of pain completely.

One has to follow the instructions of the care taker after the surgery. Please remember that

after bunion surgery you have to:

  • Always wear post-operative shoe till the time it is recommended.
  • Protect the surgery area and keep the stitches dry when you are dealing with water or showering
  • Carefully follow the instructions of the doctor regarding wearing of splints and casts. Normally they are wore only till 5 weeks.
  • But it may require that you need to wear special shoes up to 8 to 12 weeks after the surgery.
  • Please take care that you do not put any weight on the operated foot as the bone and tissue need to be healed properly till they are capable of bearing weight.
  • Taking a few precautionary steps yuu can have healthy healing after bunion surgery.

Have a quick recovery!!

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