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Verrucas – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Verrucas are warts which grow on the soles of the feet. These are non-cancerous skin growths and are caused due to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). A verruca is by itself painless, but due to pressure exerted by the body weight, it can produce pain. Due to the body weight, the verruca gets pushed into the foot and it looks flat on the sole of the feet.

Symptoms of Verrucas:

A verruca can be single resulting in a bump, or a group of verrucas can form a larger bump.Verrucas are characterized by a black dot at the center of the bump. They can also interrupt the normal ridges on your feet (such as the fingerprints) and give a smooth apperance.

Causes of Verrucas:

Verrucas are caused due to the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They are common among children and teenagers. Direct contact can spread this virus. The virus can lurk in public locker rooms, gyms, public shower rooms, swimming pools and a person walking barefoot can get infected with this virus. Having a cut or crack on the feet increases the probability of infection.

Treatment of Verrucas :

Verrucas generally do not need any treatment as they go away by themselves. However, if they cause pain or if they give an unpleasant look to your feet, you can choose to get rid of them.

Home treatment for verrucas include filing the foot area using a foot file or a pumice stone. Salicylic acid paints are also used to get rid of verrucas.

If the verruca does not go away, you can consult a podiatrist for its removal. Treatments for verrucas include cryotherapy, curettage ““ surgical removal, or laser treatment. The podiatrist may also file the verruca and flatten it to get rid of the pain.

Preventing Verrucas:

Kids and teenagers are vulnerable for getting verrucas. As they grow older, they develop resistance to the virus. To prevent verrucas, always wear flip-flops in public showers, swimming pools and other communal areas, as walking barefoot can spread the virus.

Physical Appearance of Verrucas:

These are formed mostly at the ball of the foot where excessive pressure is placed.

  • These are swelled, tender outgrowths which create difficulty in standing and also while walking.
  • The appearance of verrucas is that of a thick, flat skin having a hard edge and a soft corner.
  • A close look of verruca gives an appearance of small black spots, which are caused due to the bleeding in verruca. When a person suffering from verruca stands or walks on it for a longer time then it results in bleeding of verruca.

Tips to Get Rid of Verruca:

Some of the tips to get rid of verruca are:

  • Freeze them:There some freezing products available in the market which can be embedded deep in the verrucas to kill them. Although it is a difficult procedure to carry but can be followed at home as an alternative.
  • Alternative Methods for Verruca: Aloe vera and garlic are the two alternative methods used for treating verruca. The anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties present in Aloe vera are very beneficial in treating the condition of verruca. The application of aloe vera is carried out by dabbing it over them till they disappear. Garlic can be applied by crushing it completely and then applying it directly over the verrucas. Now seal the verruca thoroughly with the help of a bandage. This application results in the formation of blister on the skin and it will fall off within a span of few weeks.
  • Hot Water Soak:This is the best means for treating and getting rid of verruca, in which verruca are soaked in regular hot water before and after any treatment. This makes the skin of the verruca soft and helps in the easy removal of the dead tissues. This treatment is very beneficial for the verrucas which are very deeply embedded as they swell them and make them visible for treatment. The addition of apple cider vinegar is beneficial in this bath as it helps in killing the virus and removes the dead skin due to its acidic nature.

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