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Tips to Treat Swollen Feet

Swelling of feet occurs due to the excessive flow of body fluid to the feet. An excessive flow of fluids makes the feet muscles swell thereby causing the malady of swollen feet. People with heart problems are more prone to have this problem as a sick heart cannot pump blood efficiently. This results in the flow of body fluid to the feet as the force of gravitation attracts it towards the bottom of the body.

The swelling of feet may also occur due to the problems of kidney, liver and blood vessels. Taking contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy pills may also cause swollen feet. Moreover, muscle injury, poor diet, neuromuscular disorders, trauma, sodium retention etc. are also some of the major causes of the swelling of feet. If the swelling of feet causes due to any of these reasons you should consult your doctor immediately.

Swelling of feet may also occur due to some other reasons. Walking, standing or even sitting for a long time at a stretch can cause this problem. The following are some of the tips to treat the swollen feet.

  • Avoid walking or standing for a longer time at a stretch.
  • Avoid sitting for a longer time. Get up and walk every one or two hour.
  • Increase your muscle activities with brisk walking and light foot exercises.
  • If the feet are swollen put them in an elevated position. Resting on your back, put the feet at least 12 inches above your heart level. This will make the deposited body fluid flow back to the body from the feet.
  • Soak your feet in cold water.
  • Take cool-drink cans from the refrigerator and roll your feet on them.
  • Reduce the intake of salt. Salt causes retention of water in body.
  • Exercise regularly. It will ensure a better circulation of blood and the body fluid.
  • Reduce your weight. An overweight is more prone to have swollen feet than others.
  • Do not wrap or bind a swollen foot with bandage. It will cause the swelling to move up your leg exposing you to additional danger of vascular problems.

2 responses to Tips to Treat Swollen Feet

  1. My left foot has been swollen for over a week. It started out in the arch of the foot, but now by the end of every day, the foot and ankle are very swollen and my toes are numb? Dr diagnosed plantar fasciitis. I’ve had blood clots in the leg x2, now on Coumadin, but recent scan showed no clot. Have been on anti-inflammatory, stretching exercises, nothing seems to help. Suggestions?

  2. SS said on July 31, 2008

    I would say do and see a Acupressure Therapist…they are relly good.
    I am having problems with my feets as as well. It started with heel pain.

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